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Hotel Ontario offers accommodation including breakfast in twelve comfortably furnished suites. All our rooms with period furniture offer a beautiful view over the town, a safe, direct dial telephone, an internet connection for your laptop, a satellite TV, kitchenette with kettle and fridge and the option of extra beds for one or two people. Your spacious bathroom is equipped with either a bath or shower and hairdryer. Buffet-style breakfasts are served in our café. Our CCTV-guarded car-park is available to guests free of charge right next to the hotel. Our staff can arrange spa treatments, tickets to cultural and sports events and any transfers for you.

Apartment single use

2160 CZK / 80 € / night

1890 CZK / 69 € / night


Apartment double use

2430 CZK / 90 € / night

2025 CZK / 75 € / night


Apartment Family

2700 CZK / 100 € / night

2295 CZK / 80 € / night


Apartment Luxury

4320 CZK / 160 € / night

3510 CZK / 130 € / night


Medical & Wellness treatments

We would be happy to arrange treatment and wellness procedures in our partner hotel, Windsor Spa Hotel****.
We offer our guests a 10 % discount on procedures.


  • Electrotherapy
  • Inhalation
  • Gum irrigation
  • Laser therapy
  • Machine lymphodrainage
  • Magnet therapy
  • Oxygen therapy
  • Pneumo puncture
  • Ultrasound


  • Paraffin wrap
  • Mud wrap
  • Direct mud wrap
  • Peat pack


  • Traditional massage (full or partial)
  • Underwater massage
  • Reflexology massage
  • Arctic Fire (alternating water jet)

Baths and spas

  • Mineral bath
  • Pearl bath
  • Peat bath
  • Dry carbon dioxide bath
  • Carbon dioxide bath
  • Whirlpool bath

Surroundings and Leisure Time

Karlovy Vary is without doubt the largest and most important spa town in the Czech Republic, its history dating back to the 14th century and in which there are planty of historic buildings and places of interest to be found.


Spring number/Spring


Park Colonnade

15 - Snake
12  -Park
11 - Freedom

The original colonnade was constructed in 1880 and served as a promenade through the no-longer-present Blanenský pavilion.

Mill Colonnade

10 - Rock
9 - Libuše

8a - Prince Wenceslas I, 8b – Prince Wenceslas II

6 - Mill
7 - Rusalka

This Renaissance Revival colonnade is the work of famous architect Josef Zítek. It measures a total of 132 m, its roof is held in place by 124 Corinthian columns, and it is decorated with numerous statues and sculptures.

Market Colonnade

5 - Market
2 - Charles IV.

Constructed in 1883 as a makeshift wooden structure, but it was fully renovated and as such the colonnade remains standing today.

Castle Colonnade

3 - Upper Castle

4 - Lower Castle

Constructed on the basis of the winning design of famed Viennese architect, Johann Friedrich Ohmann, it has two parts – Upper and Lower.

Hot Spring Colonnade

1 - Hot Spring

It is in this colonnade that you can find the hottest and most productive Karlovy Vary spring, Vřídlo/Hot Spring (72°C). There are extensive underground technical facilities and a fascinating underground tour which is worth visiting.

Church of St Mary Magdalene

This church was built in 1732 to 1736 by famous architect, Kilian Ignaz Dientzenhofer. The church dominates the Karlovy Vary spa colonnades architecturally. You can tour the church every day, during or outside of services. Also worth visiting is the church’s crypt, with its unique funeral chapel.

Church of St Peter and Paul

This architectural jewel can be found on Krále Jiřího street. It was built according to the design of the old Russian Byzantine church in Ostankino near Moscow, with Russian aristocracy contributing towards its construction.

St Andrew Cemetery Church

This church stands within the grounds of a former cemetery in today’s Mozart Park. Spa doctors, J de Carro, D Becher and other significant Karlovy Vary figures are buried here.

Gallery of Art

You will find exhibitions of valuable works of art here, and concerts and theatre performances also sometimes take place here.

Karlovy Vary Museum

Located in the Baroque Zlatý klíč (Golden Key) building on Nová louka street. The museum’s permanent exhibition documents this history of the region, local crafts, balneology etc.

Jan Becher museum

This exhibition on the production of this traditional Karlovy Vary spirit is located in the cellars of the distillery. A tour of the museum includes, amongst other things, a tasting of this famous spirit.

(elevation 547 metres)

This observation tower from 1914 offers you a wonderful view over the city. You can find it above Grandhotel Pupp and you can get there by foot or cable car.

Goethe’s Lookout
(elevation 638 metres)

This lookout was built in 1889, and after climbing 165 steps, you will get a beautiful view over the countryside around Karlovy Vary.

Charles IV Lookout
(elevation 514 metres)

This pseudo-Gothic lookout has stood over Karlovy Vary since 1877 and offers views from 2 levels.

Deer leap

This famous lookout offers a picturesque view not just of the city of Karlovy Vary, but also the famous statue of a mountain goat. The goat stands on a rock from where legend says the deer being chased by Charles IV leapt, falling into the Hot Spring and leading to its discovery.

Three Crosses

The crosses were erected on a peak above Karlovy Vary as a symbol of the successful re-Catholicisation of the town and its surroundings subsequent to1620. Legend says, however, that it symbolises the death of three brothers who died a violent death.


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